Privacy Policy

This document complies with GDPR rules that applies to EU residents.


Who we are

Our website address is:


Which personal data we collect and why


When you leave a comment, we collect the data you enter, your IP address and your browser  user agent info  just to check if it’s spam. This info will never be forwarded anywhere else.

An anonymized string created from your email address (so-called hash) can be sent to Gravatar to check if you have there a profile picture to show. Gravatar privacy policy is available here:


When you leave a comment, you can choose to save your name and email address in a cookie. They are used only to allow you not to insert the same data again, and last one year.

Content from other websites

Posts on this website can embed content from other sites (e.g. youtube videos). If you choose to interact with those contents, it’s like you are browsing the external website, that could collect personal data according to their privacy policies.


We use Google Analytics, that collect in an anonymized form aggregate data about your country, browser, device and OS just for statistic use. No data could identify a single user.


Who we share your data with

With no one.


How long we collect your data

Data entered in comments will be saved until request of deletion.

Your rights on your data

You can request data deletion at any time. This doesn’t apply to analytics statistic data, since it’s impossible identify your specific data.



Any question can be sent via email to